Is the 1987 Crash Coming Soon?

Is the 1987 Crash Coming Soon?

According to @great_martis on twitter we could see a massive crash coming our ways soon.

I tend to agree as I know the market works in cycles.

I like to wait for the chart to confirm but sometimes its too late if you wait for confirmation.

Its about taking a calculated risk.

Take a look at this chart.


Now the way respond to this is what matters.

Do we get fearful and make bad decisions?

Or do we come up with a plan on how we profit from it.

If this pattern is developing in the chart above and you see it what can you do do make money from this pattern?

I will leave it for you to decide but I know what I am going to do.

To your Trading Success,

Casey Stubbs

P.S. I am going live today and will teach about the indicator that helps me predict these types of events.