Don't Despise Small Beginnings

Don't Despise Small Beginnings

Hello and Happy Sunday,

All of the greatest movements in history have very humble beginnings.

One or two people have an idea, and they take action.

It starts small at first then it gains momentum.

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Many people say "I will wait until it becomes mainstream", and that's ok nothing wrong with that.

But some people hear about the vision and they want to take action early.

There is a key benefit for an early adopter.

They get the biggest gains with the least amount of effort.

Like look at this chart on a new chart I found in the new blockchain on Shibariu blockchain.

Chart on Shibarium blockchain.

Now, the thing about the chart above is that it opened on day one initially for $2.26 on the first day.

So think about the possibilities.

The high was $2,274.94

That's a whopping 100,561% increase. Not bad eh?

Not bad for a measly two months of hold time.

We see this play out time and again in the markets.

Sometimes these early adopters get into something that keeps going for years and years to come.

Imagine if you got in on Bitcoin early on.

The Risk of Early Adoptersadopters:

Now of course early adopters take a greater risk because there is no guarantee that the investment is going to be great.

Most of the time it doesn't work out.

That's the risk you take for getting in early.

But even if you get it right once, you never have to get it right again.

I have found something on the ground level that I have gotten into recently.

I think it's something that's going to be huge.

It's called the Shibarium blockchain and it is a new crypto trading platform.

I have jumped in with both feet.

Of course, I can be wrong and I am not promising anything.

If you want to learn more....

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We are going to be doing education and teaching people how to join this new blockchain which I believe will experience massive growth in the next couple of years.

To your trading success,

Casey Stubbs

P.S. If I get a bunch of interest I can so some more training on this later on.