500 Pip Trade Inside

500 Pip Trade Inside

What a Week Last week!

I didn't take a single trade. I was waiting for that EurGPB trade from last week.

That is ok, I am patient I don't need to trade every week.

I was also traveling all week last week.

While I was on the road I was checking in each day waiting for my setup to materialize.

I have the same plan this week so go back and review– Nothing has Changed.

New Trade Idea USDJPY.

There was a daily reversal its looking like a possible buy.

See Daily Chart Below:

UsdJpy Daily Chart

If we break that blue zone on the daily chart I will buy and I will target the 152 area.

However there is a key resistance zone that could give it some trouble.

Look at the 2hr chart:

USDJPY 2hr Chart

If we get a reversal from that resistance I will take a short trade. Look for a nice candlestick pattern.

On the other hand if we break above I will buy.

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Your Trading Success,

Casey Stubbs