Learn from My Biggest Trading Mistake

Learn from My Biggest Trading Mistake

The biggest mistake of all... I am always talking about mistakes because I make so many. Can you relate? I think you can.

I have this system that is 21-2, and it is fire.

Well, I decided to jump into a different trade because I know so much about trading since I'm a guru and all.

Well, that one trade cost me about 95% of my account because I over-leveraged.

No No NO!

Don't do that.

I need to read the disciplined trader book again that is collecting dust on the shelf.

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Sometimes I need to follow my own rules.

The good news:

I went back to the system and got another win today.

Also it was on my small account so no real harm done but I need to treat all my accounts seriously.


I hope you all can learn from my mistake, but on the other hand, this new system is amazing 21-2 lets see how long I can keep that streak alive.

To Your Trading Success,

Casey Stubbs