Two Monster Trade ideas

Two Monster Trade ideas

Insightful Analysis of USDJPY and EURUSD Trades with Charts

I like big trades but I also like little trades.

I'm excited to share with you some valuable insights about two major currency pairs that I believe are presenting significant trading opportunities.

Both these pairs are showing very strong trends, with a huge potential for upside in the Euro USD and a significant opportunity for downside in the US Yen.


For the Euro USD, I am closely monitoring for pullbacks. As the price drops, my strategy is to add buy trades at these key levels. I have a chart that will give you a clear idea of how this strategy is expected to unfold.

These buy trades have the potential to accumulate thousands and thousands of pips. This optimism is largely due to a key breakout on the Euro USD's monthly chart and my belief that the dollar will continue to weaken throughout 2024.

3 buy zones on eurusd

Similarly, for the US Yen, I am focusing on shorting opportunities. I initiated a short position at 149.50 and plan to continue shorting on pullbacks.

This approach for the US Yen could be a significant contributor to my growth as a trader.

3 Potential Sell Zones for USDJPY


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To Your Trading Success,
Casey Stubbs

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