🌎 Meet the top 3 patterns in Trading

🌎 Meet the top 3 patterns in Trading
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There is a quote that says:

Knowledge is power

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You, after operating the patterns and earning.

Imagine harnessing the power of the top three chart patterns with the highest win rates to maximize your profits. Let’s delve into the patterns that can significantly enhance your trading strategy.

The top 3 trading patterns

  1. Head and Shoulders Pattern (Win rate: 83.04%) & Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern (Win rate: 83.44%)

The head and shoulders patterns are statistically the most accurate price action patterns, achieving their projected target nearly 85% of the time. A regular head and shoulders pattern consists of two swing highs (shoulders) with a higher high (head) in between.

The inverted version features two swing lows with a lower low in between. The pattern completes when the price breaks through the "neckline," signaling a potential reversal.

  1. Rectangle Pattern (Win rate: Bullish 78.23%, Bearish 79.51%)

The rectangle pattern is a continuation pattern that follows a trending move. It forms when the price creates two parallel horizontal trendlines (support and resistance) after a strong trending move.

A bullish rectangle forms after an upward trend, while a bearish rectangle forms after a downward trend. The pattern is confirmed when the price breaks out of the rectangle, indicating a continuation of the previous trend.

  1. Triple Top Pattern (Win rate: 77.59%) & Triple Bottom Pattern (Win rate: 79.33%)

Triple tops and bottoms are powerful reversal patterns. A triple top is defined by three nearly equal highs, while a triple bottom consists of three nearly equal lows.

These patterns are complete when the price breaks below the swing lows in a triple top or above the swing highs in a triple bottom. The success of these patterns lies in their ability to predict significant trend reversals.

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