Mastering the Art of Catching Big Trades: Tips from Casey Stubbs

Mastering the Art of Catching Big Trades: Tips from Casey Stubbs

There are big fish and small fish in the same pond. How do you catch the big ones?

When I say big fish, I mean big trades.

Tip 1: You Need the Right Tools

First and foremost, you need the tools to catch the big ones. If you have a tiny pole, you won't catch the big fish. Just like you won't catch a big fish with a kayak; you need a big boat.

So, what are the tools you need for trading to catch a big fish? You need to use an instrument that can produce a big win. This could be something with substantial leverage, such as options, futures, or forex trading with leverage.

Tip 2: Go Where the Big Fish Are

To catch big trades, you need to go where the big fish are. Venture into the deep, and you'll find them.

Where do the big trades live? You need to figure it out.

Tip 3: Develop a Strategy and System

You won't catch a big one every time you cast off. You need to keep casting and reeling in, and eventually, you'll land a big one. Approximately 20% of your trades might turn out to be big ones, but you won't always know in advance which ones those are.

However, you need to put yourself in a position to capitalize on them. Keep your losses small, exercise discipline, and be patient while waiting for the big ones to hit. Trail your stop and keep casting.

One strategy I employ is to keep a small portion of my capital available for big trades. I take one significant trade each week based on a weekly chart, with the goal of doubling my money on each one. For instance, if I risk $1000 per week, my aim is to make a minimum of $2000 on these big trades, but some of them could pay off even more.

I have a webinar I did sharing about my swing trading report. Check it out here.

I recently purchased Tesla on a weekly chart.

TSLA weekly

Some believe it could potentially trade as high as $1,000 in the next few years. With patience, it could be a $100,000 winner.

If I win that big one, it means I can lose 100 trades in a row and still break even, although that's unlikely to happen.

By doing my homework and following my system, I can aim for a few big wins like this. Regardless, I commit to casting each week, always striving for a big catch.

To your trading success,

Casey Stubbs


That Trade I posted yesterday had some major action today with news but if you took it you did good if you managed your risk because wow it whipped a lot.

To your Trading Success!

Casey Stubbs

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