Some Setups are Too Good to Pass Up.

Some Setups are Too Good to Pass Up.

I've taken a closer look at Cummins Inc. (CMI), and there are several compelling reasons why this trade looks promising at the moment. Here's a detailed analysis:

  1. Strong Uptrend: CMI is currently exhibiting a strong uptrend within a robust market environment. This foundational strength is a key indicator of its potential for sustained growth.
  2. Consolidation Phase: After a period of significant upward movement, CMI is now in a consolidation phase. This indicates stability and sets the stage for potential future gains.
  3. Rejection of a New High: Although CMI recently rejected a new high, this action should not deter investors. Instead, it suggests that the price is correcting itself, offering a more favorable entry point.
  4. Pullback Opportunity: The current pullback in CMI's price is viewed as an optimal buying opportunity. This timing aligns with the stock's overall positive trajectory and market sentiment.
  5. Positive Candlestick Patterns: Across all major timeframes, including monthly and weekly charts, CMI displays positive candlestick formations. These patterns reflect buyer confidence and market strength.
Blue Area s my buy zone CMI
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CMI presents a solid trading opportunity with potential for substantial returns.

Please review the attached chart and let me know your thoughts.

1 HR chart I might consider a buy when price goes above the 8 MA

I believe this could be a strategic addition to our portfolio, aligning with our principles of planning, consistency, and diversification.

To Your Trading Success,

Casey Stubbs

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