My Worst Trade Became My Best Trade

My Worst Trade Became My Best Trade

Hey there,

My Trading Friends!

Amidst the market's recent highs.

It's times like these that test our resilience and commitment to our trading strategies.


Because of Emotions!

I'm here to share a quick update and some insights that might help you navigate these exciting yet challenging times.

My journey with Shib is a perfect example of this.

Despite an 80% drop in value since its peak in November 2021, I kept adding each week.

My losses were accelerating and I stayed the course.

I kept adding, adding, adding each week rain or shine.

This investment has significantly lowered my cost base to about .000012.

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So what happened this week?

This happened:

It's my overnight success.

That took me three years of suffering to achieve.

It's crazy and it taught me not to live off of emotions or my highs.

I am holding this long term because of my analysis, not because of emotions.

I hope this helps.

Casey Stubbs

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