Once A Week Trading Is MY Thing...

A lot of the time people come to me and are struggling because they are trying to scalp the markets. They are taking only small little profits and large losses.

What you have to remember with trading is, more is not always best.

Which means that LESS time and even LESS trades can equal MASSIVELY MORE PROFITS!

That doesn’t mean I can guarantee every trade is a winner or that you can get rich overnight…

But by limiting my trades and my time with system I call BASELINE, I have seen extraordinary success.

And I want to invite YOU to be able to tap into the very same opportunities.

I have hit a few winners since November trading just once or twice per week.

Here a couple of the trades I took:

I have five strict criteria:

I ONLY use High Conviction Time Frames

I ONLY Trade Stocks that are Wound Up

I ONLY Trade Stocks with a Pressure Surge

I ONLY Trade Stocks with a High Confidence Score

I ONLY Trade Stocks that Break Key Levels

I actually did a training on this a couple of days ago. If you haven't watched it, I recommend setting aside some time to check it out!

You can watch it here

Your future trading coach,

Casey Stubbs