Powerful Story and Happy Thanksgiving

Powerful Story and Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I want to share a tweet from the insightful @mwebster71 that has personally resonated with me.

Let's dive into three key reasons why this tweet is not just valuable but has a profound impact:

Defining True Goals:
Mike's tweet narrates a journey of setbacks and determination, emphasizing the importance of defining one's true goals.

It struck a chord with me as it echoes the principle of setting clear objectives and giving everything to achieve them.

The reminder to write down your dreams immediately resonated with my approach to trading and life in general.

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience:
The story of facing obstacles, from shattered dreams of becoming a Blue Angels pilot to financial struggles, serves as a testament to resilience.

The crash that changed everything became a turning point, prompting Mike to meticulously outline his goals and work relentlessly towards them.

This aligns with my belief in facing challenges head-on and using setbacks as opportunities for growth.

The Power of Persistence:
Mike's unwavering commitment to his goal, despite discouraging words from others, showcases the power of persistence.

Whether it was scrounging up funds to invest or tirelessly studying the market, the dedication to becoming a portfolio manager for Bill speaks volumes.

This resonates with my own journey in trading, where persistence and continuous learning have been pivotal to success.

I'm sharing this email because I believe the lessons from Mike's journey are universally applicable, regardless of your trading experience.

To Your Trading Success,

Casey Stubbs

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