EURUSD Trade Idea

EURUSD Trade Idea

It looks like the EURUSD is getting to a buy zone.

I am bullish on the trade but remember I am wrong a lot. The key is to wait...

I will wait for the right time to get into the trade then when your analysis lines up then you take the trade.

Here is my chart:

Blue is the support zone. Look for a candlestick pattern to the upside.

Im Looking at a Sell on USDJPY

There is a nice downtrend on the USDJPY I am loving this trade right here.

If it breaks above the blue line it that is a resistance zone. I will have to revaluate my trade plan. If that happens I will send an update and tell you how it is going.

I did a video on this plus I talk about my plan to get into a million dollar prop account.

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