Scalping Webinar plus New Trade

Scalping Webinar plus New Trade

Today, We are looking at the eurusd.

There is a nice move to the upside happening right now. And we are looking at a pullback.

I am looking for a bullish candlestick pattern happens around the key support level and if there is a break to the upside I am going long.

Or if the price breaks down I will be looking for it to get to the next support level and go long.

I might just buy when the price gets to both levels as they both seem like great places to add to the trade. 

If you notice the trade on the daily we have a nice breakout so right now I am in the buying all pullbacks mode.

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I believe this move could go on for quite some time.

I hope this helps,

Casey Stubbs

P.S. Here is my 15 minute strategy training tomorrow.