Weekly Chart Strategy for 100% Win Rate in December 🎄 + Merry Christmas 🎁

Weekly Chart Strategy for 100% Win Rate in December 🎄 + Merry Christmas 🎁

As we celebrate this festive time, I want to extend my gratitude to each of you for being a part of our journey.

Today, I'm thrilled to share a glimpse of a strategy that has the potential to revolutionize your trading in 2024 – the "52 Trades Strategy."

The "52 Trades Strategy" outlined by Casey Stubbs involves a three-step process designed for making effective trades using weekly charts. Here's a concise outline of the three steps:

  1. Use of Weekly Charts: The first step is to focus on weekly charts for trading. This approach is chosen because weekly charts tend to have less 'noise' compared to daily or intraday charts, allowing for clearer analysis of market trends and patterns. This longer timeframe helps in maintaining positions more effectively and reduces the likelihood of reacting to minor market fluctuations.
  2. Identifying a Consolidation Pattern (Windup): The next step involves looking for a windup or consolidation pattern in the market. This could be in the form of a box (where the price moves within a defined range) or a wedge (where the price moves within converging trend lines). The goal is to identify a phase where the price is consolidating, which often precedes a significant price movement.
  3. Volume Spike and Breakout Detection: Finally, the strategy emphasizes the importance of detecting a volume spike, which is a substantial increase in trading volume.

Watch the Video for key methods for analysis.

This strategy is about making calculated trades once or twice a week, utilizing the robustness of weekly charts.

This approach not only minimizes noise but also aids in better decision-making.

A recent analysis of Costco's stock demonstrated the effectiveness of this strategy, highlighting the critical role of breakout points and volume spikes.

In addition to this, understanding options trading and the nuances of risk management will be a key focus for us.

It's vital to align our trading decisions with our financial capabilities and goals.

As we step into 2024, our mission is to guide 10 traders toward achieving millionaire status.

This strategy, I believe, will be a cornerstone in that pursuit.

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar where I will unpack this strategy in detail and provide insights into our past trades and future plans.

Your active engagement and questions are always encouraged.

Thank you for your continuous support and trust in our methods. Let's make 2024 a landmark year in our trading careers.

To Your Trading Success,
Casey Stubbs

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